In the field of automotive electronics, our bonders are especially popular because of the high quality of results. Heavy wire bonds for power … more


Two applications dominate this field: power electronics to control the driving motors, secondly the wiring technology connecting the battery cells. … more

COB - Chip on Board

COB circuits not only save space but are frequently the most cost-efficient alternative. Most often the chips are wired using aluminium wire in the … more

Surface Technology

Many suppliers offer leadframes, packages and circuit boards with bondable surfaces. The simplest way to assure the quality of bonding areas is to do … more

PC Board Manufacturers

Ideal for outgoing quality checks: bond tests with a programmable bonder ensure perfect downstream bondability of the … more

Hybrid Manufacturers

For all surfaces, whether thin film or thick film - the right bond equipment for different wire materials and bond … more


High-frequency circuits often require extremely small and short gold wire bonds or ribbons. The bond head with fully vertical wire feed and a single … more

Medical Electronics

Highest bond quality at small production volumes is characteristic for this application. Our semi-automatic bonders 56XX are perfect for this field, … more


Many different packaging technologies are employed here, depending on the kind of microwave or laser components. Especially for laser diodes, their … more

Aerospace / Military

Microwave circuits are the prevalent technology in space and military electronics, and manufacturing quality is the key to success because the … more


The biggest challenge when bonding sensor chips are the surfaces which very often are extremely fragile and contain a large variety of materials. … more

Solar Technology

Wire and ribbon bonding are mostly employed for concentrator cells which feature very small but extremely efficient multi-junction solar … more

Quality Control

Only our automatic and programmable bond tester 5600C guarantees perfect results without any operator influence, at unbeatably low cost. All quality … more

EMS Providers

Time-to-Market is quite often the key to their success. Our 56XX series is unsurpassed for sample and pilot production, both as concerns flexibility … more


Flexibility and convertibility for future applications are the trump cards here. Our 56XX series is very often found in R&D labs due to its … more


Flexibility and convertibility for future applications are the trump cards here. Our 56XX series is very often found in R&D labs due to its … more

Laser Diodes

Laser Diodes are very expensive, making high yields the prime objective. Usually built on very fragile compound semiconductor materials, these … more


A very large variety of LEDs ranging from low to high power demand a large range of different bonding technologies. In addition, there is a number of … more