10 reasons that make F&S BONDTEC Austria’s solutions unique:

F&S BONDTEC - News - 10 reasons that make F&S BONDTEC Austria’s solutions unique:
  1. Wire bonding and testing on one platform
  2. Lower investment costs for complete manufacturing solutions
  3. Ease of use even in fully automatic production of complex parts
  4. Shortest retooling times with lowest error rate
  5. Bonding solutions for the entire product lifecycle, from product development and series production to the provision of spare parts
  6. Streamlined functional design for ergonomic operation and intuitive access to all system functions and hardware
  7. trainings all in one go – wedge/wedge, ball/wedge, heavy wire, pull and shear test
  8. Transfer of bonding programs to the fully automatic bond tester
  9. Windows Operating System with the possibility to integrate your own software for documentation (e. g. Office), data evaluation (e. g. Minitab) and remote access to the office computer (e. g. Teamviewer)
  10. Scalable bond platform – an individual bond head for each differing product instead of permanent retooling ensures quality and reproducibility

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