Contract bonding for Battery Modules

F&S BONDTEC - Contract bonding for Battery Modules
Batterie Bonden

Contract bonding for Battery Modules

In contract bonding, we support our customers, for example in bonding batteries. The customer comes to us with a battery module and gets an impression of the process and possible optimizations for the next time. This is an excellent option if the production volume of the product is limited to very small quantities or even prototypes.

You benefit from the following advantages:

>> No costs and no risk of investing in a completely own machine

>> You benefit from the full bond know-how of our employees

>> You already benefit from our know-how in module production during the development of the battery module

How does the process of contract-bonding work?

  1. customers contact us
  2. module design is discussed online
  3. an offer is made
  4. appointment for bonding is arranged / customer comes to F&S Bondtec
  5. battery get bonded
  6. finished battery get sent back / customer travels home with bonded modules in, best case

Battery bonding with the Series 86

The SERIES 86 – Our biggest representative.

This machine has a large working area of 700 x 480 mm and is therefore ideal for battery bonding. The components can be changed manually or with an automatic component transport, which can also be retrofitted afterward, and the machine can also be expanded with a CO2 snow jet cleaning system. As already known from our 56i series, the 86 series can also be converted to an automatic bond tester.

We are happy to assist you

All in all, the time-to-market for your products is drastically reduced without risk on your side.

As soon as production volumes increase, you can upgrade at any time and set up your equipment, with no growth problems. And the modules continue to be built on the same equipment, so there are no challenges or adjustments to the design of the modules.

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