Bondtester – manual and fully automatic

F&S BONDTEC - News - Bondtester – manual and fully automatic

F&S BONDTEC Austria also provides bond testers and is one of a few companies on the market represented in industrial series production. In 2012, F&S BONDTEC Austria introduced the fully automatic 5600 tester platform ¬– the world’s first fully automatic bond tester with all the functions needed to offer solutions for Industry 4.0 at that time. The range of bond testers from F&S BONDTEC Austria extends from manual testers to solutions that are integrated into automated processes. Customers benefit even further from our multi-functional solutions that can be mounted on a bonder platform. The fully automatic testers are focused to wire bonding application needs, i. e. programming, image recognition, tooling and workholder are specially designed for wire bonding applications. This allows for just as intuitive programming as on our wire bonders, which are known for their easy programmability. In addition, the testing solutions fit perfectly into the wire bond infrastructure, i. e. already trained personnel can easily operate our fully automated test solutions. A criterion that is not necessarily fulfilled by all testers present on the market.

» F&S BONDTEC Austria ist einzigartig am Markt und bietet Lösungen für Kunden,
die Qualität und flexibles Bedienkonzept priorisieren «


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