D-USG X – Our newly developed digital ultrasonic generator

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D-USG X - Our newly developed digital ultrasonic generator

Our newly developed digital ultrasonic generator D-USG X is perfectly suited to work with all common transducers for bonding wires and ribbons of all materials and cross-sections, with frequencies from 20 to 200 kHz and with powers from a few mW to 50 W (other frequencies and higher powers are also possible upon request).

The heart of the generator is a digital signal processor (DSP), which generates the sinusoidal ultrasonic oscillation in an NCO (numerically controlled oscillator) and keeps it at the resonant frequency of the transducer. Because the mechanical vibration at the bond tool is damped to varying degrees during the bond process, the resonant frequency also changes slightly and must therefore be adjusted continually. The DSP allows to set all parameters completely in software, i.e. the control behavior of the PLL (Phase Locked Loop) and the phase and frequency control with freely programmable PID parameterization. The processor can also manage a number of inputs, e.g. a USB input or optionally a fieldbus connection, or even a parallel port. 

So there are several options for triggering the ultrasonic bond pulse: the simplest is a pulse with fixed amplitude and duration, triggered externally via USB. For more sophisticated applications, an 8-bit input can be used to control any ultrasound profile in real time, such as power ramps, ultrasound bursts at the beginning of the bond, or a temper pulse at the end of the bond time. The ultrasonic pulse can even be changed during bonding, for example to adapt to the deformation development.

Versatile & Smart

To monitor the bonding process, the D-USG X provides four tracked signals over the entire bond process and at a sampling rate of 20 kHz: ultrasonic frequency, phase, voltage and current. This allows the bond process to be closely monitored, but not only that: it can also be controlled with different algorithms, including customized or newly developed ones. Classic current or voltage control is just as possible as power control or combinations thereof. 

But the D-USG X can do much more than “just” bonding: it is the first device to offer excellent diagnostic capabilities for the transducer state as an option. A programmed frequency sweep monitors the position and intensity of the transducer resonance and thus easily detects damage or aging processes on the transducer, as well as problems caused by incorrect clamping of the transducer or the bonding tool. These checks can be effortlessly carried out and documented regularly, which greatly facilitates the quality assurance of the bonding process.

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