From bump to loop – various contact types for your application

F&S BONDTEC - News - From bump to loop – various contact types for your application

For the electric interconnection of semiconductors using wire bonding it needs excellent and strong bonding contacts as well as stable wire connections – so called loops. F&S Bondtec offers various possibilities to design loop geometry with all of its bonders, whether it is manual or fully automatic.

Ten parameters are available to define moving paths and the user can choose between three options to control the wire clamp during loop formation. In addition to that, the ultrasound can also be enabled during loop formation, which can be helpful while working with bond tools with narrow wire holes. All loops can be combined with stitch-on-bump (SOB, SSB or BSOB) features.

The configurations are being visualized by dynamic graphics, which is helpful especially for beginners to not lose orientation. Thereby the effect of different configurations can be comprehended quickly. To easily check the wire deformation and loops wire sweep tendency, use the step-bond-mode. It can check all positions step by step and therefore save you precious time and helps to form nice bonds at the first try.

Our software offers helpful and
tested tools for challenging loop geometries

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