It all starts in the head – Unique solutions for our machines

F&S BONDTEC - Know-How - It all starts in the head – Unique solutions for our machines
Kopfwechsel einer F&S BONDTEC Maschine

It is all in the Head - Unique solutions for our machines

A central component of our machines is the bond head or test head. Coupled with our innovative software - Bondstar - they are the heart of our systems.

In addition, the most ingenious thing about our heads is that they can be changed within a minute and thus different processes can be implemented. The machine can either be converted to a different bonding process or, as in the case of the 56i series, to a bond tester (Pull, Shear, BAMFIT). Just as uncomplicated as fast.

Many applications - one machine

With the automatic wire bonders from F&S BONDTEC you get all bonding technologies for in-house production in one device. Suitable for all wire bonding and test processes because of our interchangeable bonding heads.
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Our Series 56i is also able to convert into a bond tester. Pulltests, shear tests or even BAMFIT are possible without any problems.

After generating a test program and the adjustment, supported by pattern recognition (PRU), a reproducible and user-independent pulling or shearing on all conceivable components is guaranteed. This process is unique worldwide and is only offered by F&S BONDTEC. It is fully PC-controlled and, with its programmable cross table, can be used to automatically test any number of bonds.

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How to: Change bond heads in less than 1 minute

How-To: Correct Camera-Offset

Another function on the ``head`` is the correction of the camera offset. After a tool change or for applications that require the highest level of accuracy, a camera offset can be determined to ensure the highest level of precision.

It's the software

As usual, it is easy and convenient to implement. All you have to do is start and run through the corresponding function in our Bondstar software. In this short video, we are going to show you how to do it.

It's that fast!

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