LAB-Tester 101

F&S BONDTEC - News - LAB-Tester 101

The most exciting feature of the LAB tester concept is not its functionality – despite its inspiring simplicity. It is the modular design and immediate availability of the systems. Finished systems can be dispatched to customers anywhere in the world within one working week. Learning to use the system is so quick and easy that no specialized training is required.

In 30 minutes, the user understands the device and its capabilities. All it needs to use the device are a touchscreen and several physical buttons to start the test and define failure codes. The user can decide before ordering whether to use a motorized or a manual table. The precision of the pull tester’s force gauge covers a broad range of results, allowing tests of thin or heavy wires with tensile strengths from 100 cN (thin wire) to 2.000 cN (heavy wire). All test reports are stored as universally readable PDF files on USB memory.

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