Newest developments in BAMFIT

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Newest developments in BAMFIT

Our partner BOND IQ GmbH is currently carrying out a potential evaluation of the BAMFIT method for interface evaluation on heavy wire bonds as an alternative to the heavy wire shear test. The project is being realized in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer IZM Berlin and interested investors are still being sought.

The goals of the project are further assessments of the BAMFIT method applicable for heavy wire bond connections as an alternative to the shear test. In addition, the correlation of BAMFIT results with bond quality and shear test results on different surfaces and different wire materials is examined. The results are to be summarized in a guideline for using the BAMFIT process with different wire diameters.

The potential of the BAMFIT method is estimated to be very high. A joint investment of several partners with the same goals offers the opportunity to achieve these goals quickly with a plannable investment.

You can find more information on the homepage of BOND IQ GmbH. Questions and your intentions to participate please send to:

Phone.: +49 (0) 30 4609009

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