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Bondtester – manual and fully automatic

F&S BONDTEC Austria also provides bond testers and is one of a few companies on the market represented in industrial series production. In 2012, F&S BONDTEC Austria introduced the fully automatic 5600 tester platform ¬– the world’s first fully automatic bond tester with all the…
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10 reasons that make F&S BONDTEC Austria’s solutions unique:

Wire bonding and testing on one platform Lower investment costs for complete manufacturing solutions Ease of use even in fully automatic production of complex parts Shortest retooling times with lowest error rate Bonding solutions for the entire product lifecycle, from product development and series production…
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Customized production – the 56xx Desktop Micro Factory

The 56xx series and its unique head exchange principle is the perfect solution if you need to work in a variety of wire bonding processes and benefit from fully automatic wire bonding machine functions including pattern recognition. What advantages does the head exchange principle offer?…
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Productive wire bonding system for medium lot size production

The new 58xx series is a powerful new production solution by F&S Bondtec. Speed, precision and productivity features are the main focus of this latest generation of bonders. The 58xx systems operate at speeds up to 4x faster than the prior, already extremely successful 56xx…
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Productivity and flexibility combined

As in our other systems, the 58xx series includes convertible bonding heads for ball/wedge, wedge/wedge, heavy wire and ribbon bonding. Bonding tool, camera and wire guide are kept aligned with one another. For more critical applications, users can choose between working with a single bonding…
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Hello! Do you even know us and our products ?

We are F&S BONDTEC. For 25 years, we have been supplying solutions for wire bonding technology. Many people remember us as F&K Delvotec Austria, but this has changed since 2015. We are F&S BONDTEC – your partner for customized, intuitive and productive solutions in wire…
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Powerful up to medium size production – the 58xx production machine

The 58xx series is the most powerful wire bonder generation with overhauled and fine-tuned motion controls and control units, the newest Bondstar-software and a more rigid frame and housing construction for minimized vibration and deformation for highest precision.
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5600 Series

The 56 Series of F&S Bondtec uses a configurable head design to give the user absolute versatility in test setups: from manual standalone testers to separate test heads as addition to a fully automated wire bonding system – with pull or shear test options for…
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How to achieve highest precision in your wire bonding process

Today’s wire bonding machines allow high precision processes and positioning tolerances of only a few micrometers mandatory for fine-pitch applications. This accuracy is achieved by precisely crafted mechanical components and careful assembly. But the abilities of mechanical systems are limited. However, sophisticated software algorithms and…
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