Automatic Bonder & Tester 5600Ci

F&S BONDTEC - Automatic Bonder & Tester 5600Ci

THE 5600Ci

>> The automatic bond tester 5600Ci complements F&S Bondtec Semiconductor GmbH die- and wire-bonders. It is unique on the world market and patented.

>> The PC controlled moving table allows any number of bonds to be tested automatically from a stored program. Results can be analysed and output immediately or exported in a number of data base formats for subsequent analysis as desired.

>> Powerful extended capabilities enable measurements such as force/time curves to be made and deliver more data about the quality of the bond tested. Exchangeable measurement cartridges ensure rapid conversion to different force ranges. The calibration curves of all measurement cartridges are stored internally; additional heads for shear, peel and tweezer testing with customerspecific tools and jaws are available.

>> After a first programming a reproducible pull- or sheartest can be guaranteed for all following components.


>> Test Heads

Pullheads – 100 cN bis 5.000 cN
Shearheads – 500 cN bis 50.000 cN

>> Bond Heads

10i, 30i, 32i, 50i, 50iHR


>> Standard-Workholder for parts up to 4×4″ with Vacuum and mechanical clamping


workholders up to 4x4" with jaws
TO mount with mechanical clamp
4x4 "workholder with rubberized surface, with mechanical clamping


PH100 – PH5000

>> Pull testing of thin/heavy wires and heavy ribbons

>> Suitable pull hook sizes for wire diameters from 15 μm to 500 μm

>> Test cartridges for forces up to 50 N, matching to your application

>> Finely tunable 360° rotation for precise positioning of pull hook to the wire

SH500 – SH5000

>> Shear testing of ball bonds, heavy wires and heavy ribbons

>> Also suited for SMD- and solder ball shear testing

>> Test cartridges for forces up to 50 N, matching to your application

>> Air nozzle for compressed air to remove shear residues and particles

Testing Tool Simulation

>> Virtual test drive trough the whole testing program

>>  Proof of free room for placing and rotating the pullhook overlayed on the live picture

>> Alignment of the tool position for shear testing

CSR – Corporate Standard Report

>> Data analysis even for largest data sets from bond testing in series production

>> Clear data base structure and selection of test samples offering wide filtering options

>> On-screen display, analysis and configurable reports

>> Statistical analysis (Min, Max, average and standard deviation)

>> Cp/Cpk process control, SPC and trend analysis

>> Export of filtered test data for external analysis

>> Automatic calculation of real pullforces at source- and destinationbond for standard-compliant testing (patented by F&S BONDTEC)

PRU – Pattern Recognition Unit

>> Recognition of position marks for automatic alignment of the testing program

>> Independently tunable lighting systems

>> Digital filters for optimization of recognition results

>> Proofed in our wire bonding systems for a wide range of surfaces

5600Ci – Automatic Pull- & Sheartester

>> Test head with changeable cartridges

>> Camerasystem for automatic testing

>> Analysis software