F&S BONDTEC - Tester - BAMFIT Tester


>> The revolutionary BAMFIT-test can easily be implemented on every base unit of the 56XX series by installing a dedicated test head

>> The software is closely related to the standard versions for bonders and testers. It is capable of fully automatic testing of any number of bonds, employing automatic adjustments by pattern recognition

>> Test results are recorded and can be evaluated at any time in a variety of ways


>> Test Head

The proprietary clamping tool grips the bond foot from the sides and at a defined height; a touchdown system automatically compensates height variations in the substrate

>> Test Tool

for heaby wires from 125 to 500 µm;
user-exchangable within minutes

>> Test Force

Pull force in Z direction, typically 20 to 40 cN

>> Test Frequency

60 and 80 kHz, programmable Ultrasonice Generator

>> Test Amplitude

Corresponds to temperature swing in PC test; programmable between 0 and 1 µm

>> Test Data

Tool position and ultrasonic data are registered continuously and stored in a CSV-file for subsequent evaluation