Semi-automatic Bonder & Tester 5600i

F&S BONDTEC - Semi-automatic Bonder & Tester 5600i

THE 5600i

>> The semi-automatic bond tester 5600i complements F&S’s die and wire bonders.

>> The PC controlled moving table allows any number of bonds to be tested automatically from a stored program. Results can be analysed and output immediately or exported in a number of data base formats for subsequent analysis as desired.

>> Powerful extended capabilities enable measurements such as force/time curves to be made and deliver more data over the quality of the bond tested.


>> Testheads

Pullheads – 100 cN bis 5.000 cN
Shearheads – 500 cN bis 50.000 cN

>> Bondheads

10i, 30i, 32i, 50i, 50iHR


>> Standard-Workholder for parts up to 4×4″ with Vacuum and mechanical clamping


workholders up to 4x4" with jaws
TO mount with mechanical clamp
4x4 "workholder with rubberized surface, with mechanical clamping

CSR – Corporate Standard Report

>> Data analysis even for largest data sets from bond testing in series production

>> Clear data base structure and selection of test samples offering wide filtering options

>> On-screen display, analysis and configurable reports

>> Statistical analysis (Min, Max, average and standard deviation)

>> Cp/Cpk process control, SPC and trend analysis

>> Export of filtered test data for external analysis

5600i – Pull- & Sheartester

>> Manual testing of thin- and heavy wire bonds

>> Easily changeable cartridges