Presenting Bondstar – The heart of our wire bonders and bond tester

F&S BONDTEC - Know-How - Presenting Bondstar – The heart of our wire bonders and bond tester

Presenting Bondstar - The heart of our wire bonders and bond tester

The Bondstar software from F&S BONDTEC is the heart of our bonders and bond testers and is constantly being developed further. The software is not only a central component of all our machines, it is also one of our core products. The innovative software can be used by beginners as well as advanced users. New users are guided through the process by a simplified user interface while advanced users have a multitude of programming setting options.
Grafische Repräsentation der Loopgeometrie
Graphical representation of the loop geometry

Unbeatable in our bonders: Time to First Bond

Generating a bond program with BONDSTAR is as simple as it gets. Even if you have never worked with a wire bonder before, you are literally just minutes away from your first successful wire bond.

Thanks to interactive graphical windows which are self-explanatory by employing wizards and tab navigation, even complicated functions are set up with no hassle. Loop geometries, for instance, can easily be shaped right on the screen without laboriously entering parameters. This works even for complicated loop shapes as shown in this example. And it is just as simple to modify an existing bond program. So even the more complex features of the bonder are easy to learn.

Bond placement via Drag & Drop

Another powerful aid for simplified programming is Drag & Drop – for example, in the camera view, the drag & drop symbol can be “dropped” on a specific bond pad, the PRU (Pattern Recognition Unit) then automatically recognizes the area to be bonded and automatically centers the bond accordingly. (see Pad Capture)

Automatisches Bilderkennungssystem

An overview of other software features


Webinar Battery Bonden

Multi-Level-Support via TeamViewer

Complicated bond application? No problem – we offer you training, commissioning and setup, support for operators, or optimization of the bonding programs (e.g. optimized image recognition or loop guidance or bonding parameters), and much more.

We also offer tailor-made support packages. Once booked, the operator can simply call off support by the hour without going through a PO procedure. This helps for smaller problems just as well as for perfecting tricky applications. Just ask us!

Do you have any more questions? Contact us via email under or by phone at +43 7722 67052-8270. We are happy to advise you further!


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