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The LAB-Tester is a small and compact pull tester equipped with the latest software and available for thin and heavy wire applications. Perfect for easy and fast pull tests.

  • Full motorized XYZ & P axes
  • Data visualization and analysis via touch screen
  • PDF-Report
  • CSR (Corporate Standard Report) Software

Click on “Select options” to individually configure your LAB-Tester.

Pull-Test-Heads & Optical-Inspectionsystem

The flexibility of the LAB-Tester makes it so unique. In just a few minutes probes can be changed. Thus, light and heavy wires can be tested and then accurately inspected by the OI (Optical Inspection) test head.


An optimal workholder for the test process is absolutely necessary. Depending on the test process, we offer the necessary cradle.


The inspection during and after the test process is an important component to gain even more detailed insights.


In this section you will find downloadable software for the LAB-Tester.