That was SMTconnect 2019 in Nuremberg

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At SMTconnect we showed a huge range of our wire bonders and testers. The biggest innovation is the newly developed Bonderseries 86XX. The main difference to past series is the much larger working area of 720 x 512 mm in a robust and cost-effective design. As usual the bond heads can be easily changed by the customer or replaced by test heads; The machine can thus handle a huge range of different parts.

The work surface may e.g. be filled with a large number of smaller components and therefore rarely requires an operator. On the other hand, it can also process huge parts, such as battery modules in e-mobility. The large work surface also replaces the automated parts supply and removal, which benefits a rapid type change.

Also relevant:

BAMFIT (Bond Accelerated Mechanical Fatigue Interconnection Test) –

“Testing faster means developing faster.” An article by Infineon published by the Christian Doppler Research Association.

Anyone who wants to develop innovative electronic components has to test how resilient they are. Faster tests are available – but are they reliable? F&S BONDTEC has developed the BAMFIT on the basis of research in the CD laboratory and Infineon is already testing the capacity of new power semiconductors.

Infineon’s development of new technologies is thus significantly accelerated, while the innovation advantage is preserved and expanded. Initial preliminary studies on the transferability of the method to other miniaturized applications are promising.

There is also a new customized product development: A Bonding plier with ultrasonic. It can weld metallized films, fabrics and similar flexible conductors without having to use a stationary device. “A true hand bonder,” Sales Manager Stefan Berger is pleased about the new addition to the program of the Austrian bond specialist from Braunau am Inn.

Originally the bond plier was developed as a repair facility for the production of solar generators for space travel. There, individual solar cells have to be replaced time and again if they turn out to be defective in the production of one of the giant solar sails. However, this is only possible with an easily transportable welding device which can be used in any position and which can weld flexible metallised foils.

The new MBU-51 mobile bonder can do that and much more: in the meantime, it has already been successfully tried to connect metallised textile fabrics with LED displays to make high-tech garments. Further applications are already under development.

We thank all our visitors and interested.

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