The perfect entry-level machines for wire bonding and testing

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The perfect entry-level equipment for wirebonding and testing

Every start is hard? Not for wirebonding with our bonders!

Our entry-level series 53 is a blockbuster with almost 700 installed units and counting. It delivers superior bond quality and yet is unrivalled in its ease of use. Simple to operate and flexible like a classical manual bonder: just move the bond positions into place with the precise mechanical manipulator and bond. At the same time, the bonder series 53 is ready with a full bag of tricks from fully automatic bonders, such as programmable ultrasonic curves or even complex loop shapes, executed by the motorized axes in Y and Z. Manual operation or automatic? Or something in between? The choice is up to the operator. Programming is a cinch, thanks to the color display and dial wheel. This makes the series 53 bonders the perfect fit both for the R&D lab and for small-batch production, where considerable numbers have to be produced in perfectly reproducible quality.

Drahtbonder Serie 53

And that’s not all. The second big advantage of the series 53 bonders is their power to grow: the bondhead can be swapped in minutes for a different model. Most popular is the heavy wire bond head 5350. It is the most economical heavy wire bonder on the world market, processing aluminum and copper wires up to 20 mils (500 microns). Ultrasonic generator and software are already installed on the machine base – just mount the bond head and you’re ready to go!

Bondtester LAB Tester

After bonding, there is testing for Quality Assurance. Again we have the perfect entry-level equipment, our Pulltester LT-101. It couldn’t be any simpler: touchscreen and mini-joysticks take care of smooth operation, learned within minutes. The measuring range covers pull forces between 100 and 2.000 cN for thin and heavy wires. The test results are shown on the screen and also written in a PDF file on a USB stick so they can be evaluated in any QA system of your choice. Again, there is a special highlight: our Optical Inspection System OI-101 is the perfect add-on. It offers powerful features such as 400X magnification with camera recording, for instance to inspect bond feet and chip surfaces. Or use it to measure coordinates in X, Y and Z, or to write useful instructions for production and quality control, quickly and without effort. The best of it: the unbeatably low invest will fit into any budget. You want to know more? The LAB tester is also in our webshop.

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