Upgrade Recommandation for Serie 56 OS

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Upgrade Recommandation for Serie 56 OS

Update Recommandation! Due to the expiring support for Microsoft's Windows 7 OS, we recommend upgrading your SERIES 56 machines to Windows 10.


This brings advantages such as:

– Improved security
– Future BONDSTAR software updates

The latest release of our BONDSTAR software will soon be available. In combination with the also new MCS-20 (Mobile Calibration System), automatic import of calibration data into the BONDSTAR software are enabled then. This avoids incorrect entries and saves time at once.

Drahtbonder Serie 56

Our new MCS-20 can be used best with Bondstar Software Version 2.7, to automatically calibrate the bond force without operator interferences. With older Bondstar software releases, or bonders from third-party manufacturers, the calibration system can also be used stand-alone with a conventional Windows PC. The MCS-20 is therefore interesting for every user who wants to measure or calibrate a vertical force.

The temperature profile of the substrate or component holder is recorded by an external temperature sensor. The temperatures are determined and compensation can be carried out this way.

Product characteristics 

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