Why maintaining a wire bonder or bond tester is so important

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Why maintaining a wire bonder or bond tester is so important.

If you want to enjoy the highest quality of your wire bonders and bond testers from F&S BONDTEC for a long time, you won't come around regular maintenance. Wherever moving parts are at work, you will find mechanical wear - this is also the case with bonders. Regular checks not only prevent failures, but also ensure that you can produce your product in constant quality for many years with the selected bonder.

But what's done during the annual maintenance of a wire bonder or bond tester? How long does maintenance take? You can find out more on this and more below.

– How often does a wire bonder or bond tester have to be serviced?

About once a year is recommended. This regular interval is the best way to avoid costly production downtimes. Regular maintenance is essential, even if your bonder is not used on a regular basis. If the machine is idle for a long time, the lubricating oils often dry up, which can have an impact on the positioning accuracy. A drive system that has not been maintained can then become stiff or even damaged.

wartung drahtbonder
wartung drahtbonder

– What’s done in the annual maintenance?

One of the most important maintenance activities is checking all moving parts. The traversing axes are completely dismantled, cleaned, re-lubricated, and then reassembled and calibrated. These and other components have to be replaced or serviced. In general, the interior of the machine is freed from impurities during service that could disrupt the operation. Wear parts such as belts and bearings are also replaced.

– How long does a service take?

There is no general answer to that. Factors such as machine type or degree of wear play an important role. As a guide value for the duration of the machine downtime, 4 – 10 hours can be calculated. We will create an individual service offer for you – according to your requirements and the scope of your machine – just ask us. There is also the option of signing a maintenance contract for three years. With one of these, we can give you better conditions for your maintenance.

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wartung drahtbonder

– How does the maintenance work??

We will identify any existing problems with you in advance so that we have any necessary spare parts with us during the maintenance appointment.

Before the actual maintenance begins, our technicians carry out some bonds on a reference substrate. On the one hand, we then have a valid before-and-after result, and on the other hand, we can already assess the bonding process here. In addition, a bond weight calibration (MCS-20) is carried out and the function of the transducer is checked for inconsistencies using the TTS (Transducer Test System). This provides additional information on the machine’s condition and should be analyzed as well.

After maintenance has been done, we do tests together with the customer – on our reference substrate, but also with your substrate. This is often a good opportunity – from technician to technician – to exchange questions and experiences.

– What to do if there are problems before maintenance?

Should problems arise before scheduled maintenance, it is best to contact our service department directly. They will find a solution for you as soon as possible. The easiest way to do this is via the contact form at https://www.fsbondtec.at/service-support/  or by phone at +43 7722 67052-8289.


wartung drahtbonder
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