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F&S BONDTEC - About us
F&S BONDTEC Austria Semiconductor GmbH

Who we are

F&S Bondtec Austria serves the desktop equipment segment and supplies the most complete program worldwide for bonding and testing equipment. Only F&S Bondtec Austria can offer you a secure investment into the future: our Desktop-Micro-Factory which provides all wire bond processes and, in addition, all test methods in a single desktop machine base.

Where we come from

Two pioneers of wirebonding with over 100 years of technology experience between them, Dr. F. Farassat and Dipl. Ing. S. Kazemi founded F&S BONDTEC Austria in 1994.

The first employees were three wirebonding specialists from the Braunau production facility of AEG-Telefunken which was transferred at that time to the Far East. They were so successful at the new Company F&S BONDTEC that only a few years later a separate building became necessary. The work force, by then grown to about 20 employees moved into the new building in year 2001.

Since then, our success has continued every year, and F&S BONDTEC has kept growing under the management of Siegfried Seidl, MAS and his team. In year 2011 the building was expanded again and now about 40 employees work there. In total, several thousand wirebonders and testers have left the factory to be used in many laboratories, development departments, pilot lines and production floors of our customers worldwide.

There will be no end of our growing with your continuous customer relationship in the future.


F&S BONDTEC Semiconductor GmbH


F&S BONDTEC Germany GmbH

Your advantages

Our success rests on three pillars: First, an enormous treasure of know-how in all aspects of wire-bonding technology; secondly, our outstandingly competent employees, and thirdly the excellent rapport we have built up to several hundred customers world-wide.

This has helped to stay ahead in bonding technology for many years, for us and for our customers alike.

Is to develop a competitive advantage in technology and cost position for each and every one of our customers.

We are approachable at any time with any questions about Bond-technology for our customers.