Battery bonding

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Batterie Bonden

Battery bonding

>> Typically wires of aluminum and copper
>> Battery can is steel with Nickel coating
>> Bond wire can also be used as fuse
>> Typically, up to 100 cells are connected in parallel – no trouble with high voltages

>> Cheap, flexible, reliable


>> Ultrasonic wire bonding is one of the most flexible and advantageous bonding techniques of battery cells in the manufacture of battery packs.
>> No stamped parts required, just wire or ribbon
>> Very tolerant to height variations
>> No microstructural change due to heat effects
>> Produces a bulk joint

Best Practice Guide Battery bonding

The ultrasonic wire bonders from F&S BONDTEC offer the most flexible and advantageous connection techniques for battery cells in the battery pack production. We developed a best practice guide in which we show what is important for the successful production of battery packs using ultrasonic wire bonding technology.

Best Practice Guide Battery bonding

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Pilot-production. We bond your application, so you can convince yourself without risk of our quality.
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Machines for battery bonding

>> Our wire bonders offer maximum flexibility through working areas from 100 x 100 mm to 720 x 512 mm and connect batteries for small to large format battery packs.

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