F&S BONDTEC - Bumping


>> Stud bumps from gold wire 25 to 50 µm for flip-chip applications in programmable sizes, also stackable.

Bumps US sheared

Some special customer applications require individual Bumps. The excess wire is sheared with the capillary by the tear-off movement. However, this creates the problem that the wire often deviates to the side and smears (see Figure 1). The “Tear US Power” feature, which can be added in the Global Settings dialog, prevents this and will be used as soon as the <Tear Motion> is activated (Then the ultrasonic will be turned on during the tear motion).

By activating the ultrasonic, the ball no longer smears during the tear-off movement. This makes it easier for the user to design the application and minimizes the likelihood of errors.

This function is not only active during the typical Bump generation during tear motion, but also during Save Bump and Stitch on Ball.

Abbildung 1 - Quelle: BOND IQ GmbH*
Abbildung 1 - Quelle: BOND IQ GmbH
Abbildung 2 - Quelle: BOND IQ GmbH
Abbildung 2 - Quelle: BOND IQ GmbH

Machiens for Bumping