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Each of our automatic wire bonder can be equipped with an automatic pattern recognition unit for component adjustment. This automatic detection compensates assembly tolerances of the products. Programming is typically intuitive and fast to implement.

Automatisches Bilderkennungssystem
Abbildung: Automatisches Bilderkennungssystem
Grafisches Feedback der automatischen Bilderkennung
Abbildung: Wire Catcher

The F&S BONDTEC software already includes most standard loop geometries.

If these standard geometries are not sufficient for your application, you can also use the Expert-Loop-Function. This is an extension of motion for complex applications.

Expert Loop
Abbildung: Expert Loop

Depending on the machine model, you can cover different travel paths. See figure:

Maschinen Verfahrwege
Abbildung: Maschinen Verfahrwege

The Wire-Catcher detects previously placed wires and corrects the position to the desired position. Attention is paid to twisting and misalignment so that the wire is placed correctly.

Wire Catcher
Abbildung: Wire Catcher

The Pad-Capture assists the programmer in centering the bonding points in the bond program.

F&S BONDTEC offers various log files and production data as standard export. However, data can also be transferred to customer-specific interfaces (TraceX-API).

TraceX-API is a software interface for traceability of F&S BONDTEC 56i / 58 / 86 – machines. An embedded Python script is loaded by the Bondstar software. The code is open and can be adapted to your own requirements. The software calls defined functions of the Python script and reports corresponding events. For more information on TraceX please see the following article: TraceX – Bring Traceability into your F&S BONTEC Bonder.

In the event of problems with the machine, a pre-installed Teamviewer can provide support from F&S BONDTEC.

(Internet connection required.)