High-impact PRU parameters for stable pattern recognition

F&S BONDTEC - News - High-impact PRU parameters for stable pattern recognition

The system supports single- and dual-point recognition, including validation of the diagonal tolerance of two pattern recognition points—in both automatic and manual alignment. This precludes a bonding process beginning at a wrongly aligned component. Two systems are generally available for lighting, both of which allow for excellent illumination of all types of bonding surfaces. Even difficult situations can be dealt with using the camera settings. Moreover, the lighting colors can also be customized to customer requirements.

Digital filters allow for even more fine-tuning of the mathematical PRU model. Individual color and saturation channels are available for image analysis. Overexposure and pixel downscaling can be applied to eliminate interference areas, resulting in recognition times of down to < 200 ms and resolution of up to < 1 µm per bond position.

We’re currently on the cusp of releasing a range of innovative new features for manufacturing processes. Currently, our chip database is already integrated into the bonder software. Many different chip layouts, including the bond positions, can be saved, so that they can be applied anew for other products. In the future, operators will also be able to save pattern recognition images to the database, which will make chip-side programming a thing of the past and simplify the effort required for programming significantly. For users with extremely variable surface quality, we will also include an option for saving alternative pattern recognition images. If a recognition process fails, the machine will continue to run by smoothly switching to the alternative image, thereby preventing unnecessary downtime.

Skewing and variations in color can be easily compensated
no matter the surface irregularity, our bonders can meet your challenge

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