A turbulent year is coming to an end – F&S Review & Preview

F&S BONDTEC - News - A turbulent year is coming to an end – F&S Review & Preview
Das Team von F&S BONDTEC dankt für Ihr Vertrauen

A turbulent year is coming to an end - F&S Review & Preview

A turbulent year is coming to an end. 2020 presented all of us with enormous challenges - all of a sudden we faced rough headwinds. We at F&S BONDTEC also had to learn to deal with the new situation. Despite all difficulties, we are currently looking back on our highlights of 2020. From December 24th, 2020 to January 10th, 2021, we will be on Christmas vacation and we look forward to seeing you again in 2021.

COVID19 – Quick measures were required

Like all companies, we too had to adapt to the new circumstances. When the pandemic hit us fully in March, we had to react quickly to protect our employees. At the same time, it was also important to us to maintain operations and service for our customers. Some fresh approaches were quickly worked out to ensure just that. Now we can offer machine demos thanks to fully digital processes via webcam. Trainings and remote service can be run using Teamviewer which for years has been pre-installed on our equipment.

Series 56i

It was one of the milestones in our company’s history – F&S BONDTEC is the first and still the only manufacturer to offer a machine that combines bonder and tester in one device – the fully automatic SERIES 56. With it, it is possible to switch between different applications within minutes. That made the SERIES 56 incredibly flexible and extremely popular with our customers. Today we are pleased to be able to introduce the new edition of exactly that – the Series 56i….

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The perfect entry-level equipment for wirebonding and testing

Every start is hard? Not for wirebonding with our bonders! Our entry-level Series 53 is a blockbuster with almost 700 installed units and counting. It delivers superior bond quality and yet is unrivalled in its ease of use. Simple to operate and flexible like a classical manual bonder: just move the bond positions into place with the precise mechanical manipulator and bond. At the same time, the bonder series 53 is ready with a full bag of tricks from fully automatic bonders, such as programmable ultrasonic curves or even complex loop shapes, executed by the motorized axes in Y and Z…

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Drahtbonder Serie 53


TraceX-API is a software interface for traceability of F&S BONDTEC 56i / 58 / 86 – machines. An embedded Python script is loaded by the Bondstar software. The code is open and can be adapted to your own requirements. The software calls defined functions of the Python script and reports corresponding events. The goal is to offer a variety of parameters for analysis. This can be data such as the current status, production data or changes in the program…

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That was the first Virtual Battery Exhibition!

The “Virtual Battery Exhibition”, the first of its kind, was held from June 30th to July 6th, 2020. Several thousand visitors took the chance to get current information on the European battery market and to connect with companies from the industry online. The conference program offers innovative ideas and the latest technologies for the entire battery production chain, as well as live presentations at the virtual company booths.

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Video Project: BAMFIT

Exclusive video material from the SERIES 56 with BAMFIT. The product video shows features and the easy handling of the SERIES 56. The SERIES 56 is particularly characterized by its high flexibility and the extremely powerful automatic pattern recognition. Thanks to Franz Kaser for producing this video! For Franz, planning and creating this video was part of his degree in “Media and Information Technology” in Vienna.

Merry Christmas

Finally, F&S BONDTEC wish you a peaceful Christmas and a successful year 2021. We don’t do Christmas gifts, instead we donate to social aid projects for families in need and for the Braunau am Inn charity.

Das Team von F&S BONDTEC dankt für Ihr Vertrauen
Das Team von F&S BONDTEC dankt für Ihr Vertrauen

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