Battery bonding for the AGH Racing Team

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AGH Racing Team

The AGH Racing Team Poland

The AGH Racing is a Polish racing team participating in the Formular Student. The team consists of ambitious students whose dream is to build racing cars for the Formular Student Cup. F&S BONDTEC has supported the group of students in battery bonding and has been following the team’s success ever since.

AGH Racing Team
AGH Racing Team - Source: KSAF
Technical control
Technical control - Source: KSAF

Battery connection

The young team from Poland came to us with the desire to produce a battery pack designed for the high demands of racing. Our ultrasonic wire bonders are best suited for this purpose in order to create a robust, yet flexible connection of the battery cells.

Formula Student Spain

Most recently, the Formula Student was in Spain, where they raced the Formula 1 circuit in Barcelona. A special milestone for AGH Racing was the official confirmation of the technical control that they were the first team in Poland to build an electric car in accordance with Formula Student regulations. The success of AGH is based on years of intensive work on this project combined with almost three years of experience in the development of electric vehicles. Hard work, commitment and determination in the pursuit of the goal have clearly paid off.

We congratulate you!

Formula 1 circuit in Barcelona
Formula 1 circuit in Barcelona - Source: KSAF

If you would like to follow AGH Racing Team or the Formular Student, you can do so through the team’s various social media channels, or directly at

AGH Racing Team
AGH Racing Team - Source: KSAF

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