CO2 JetBox for Series 86 – The optimum for battery bonding

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CO2 JetBox for Series 86 - The optimum for battery bonding

One of the most important requirements when wire bonding battery packs is the absolute cleanness of the bonding surfaces of the battery cells. A surface that is not perfectly clean makes the bonding process extremely difficult and unreliable. Impurities and other contaminations on the cell contacts can result from organic contamination or oxidation. Difficulties in bonding can also be caused by different manufacturers of cells, or else from different storage conditions of the cells, even from different storage duration.

These reasons used to make life difficult to achieve reproducible bond results in the manufacture of battery packs.

CO2 snow blasting is our preferred method of removing contamination at the contacts of battery cells – it is gentle to the surface of the cell contacts and can be carried out quickly and easily before each bonding step. The system itself consists of a jet nozzle, the JetBox itself and high-pressure CO2 gas from a conventional gas tank. The process works (simplified) as follows – when the CO2 is released via the nozzle, the CO2 forms dry ice, which is blown onto the surface to be cleaned – similar to conventional sandblasting. The very gentle CO2 snow blast is environmentally friendly, completely non-toxic and ideal for sensitive or finely structured surfaces.

Batteriezelle vor CO2 Reinigung

The cleaning nozzle is attached to the bond head, moving over the battery poles and cleaning them extremely efficiently. In the process of cleaning, several steps are involved. First, the CO2 ice particles remove the contaminations on the contacts like soft sand particles. Second, the CO2 freezes the impurities on the nickel surface so that they are removed by the blast from the JetBox. Finally, the beam itself cleans the cell surface from any remaining contaminations.

Batteriezelle nach CO2 Reinigung
Abb. 2 - Bondkopf mit zusätzlicher CO2-Reinigungs¬düse
Abb. 2 - Bondkopf mit zusätzlicher CO2-Reinigungs¬düse

One option to integrate the process of CO2 snow-jet cleaning for your battery pack production is the acquisition of a CO2 JetBox as a standalone solution and the manual operation. However, this requires an employee to manually blast each battery pack, a time-consuming and costly procedure.

With our Series 86 we offer a fully automated integration of this process. As an extension to the 8650 bond head (heavy wire) the CO2 jet is mounted on the bond head. The seamless integration of the system means that nothing changes for you as the operator of the bonder. The software analyzes the existing bond program and automatically determines the best cleaning path. Wire bonding is then carried out immediately after.

Which machine is this running on?

With the focus on battery bonding, Series 86 is the basis for this extension. The machine designed for large-area battery packs offers maximum flexibility with a working area of up to 512 x 720 mm.

It offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio and can also be upgraded to a fully automatic bond tester – this is unique in the world. It could even be integrated into a fully automated production line through automated parts handling.

Aroused interest? Contact us via email or by phone at +43 7722 67052-8270. We would be happy to present you more videos and options for this expansion!

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